The Litt Podcast

A Show about Event Hosts and their Stories.

Miguel Molina | Pivoting classes to virtual and running a UX community
This week we speak with Miguel Molina an User Experience instructor at General Assembly. In addition to teaching UX he runs a UX community that is for now virtual, UX Come Up. We discuss what it's like transforming and in person class to virtual. We also discuss the challenges of running a virtual community and what tools we use to help the community.
Yiyi Zhang - Pivoting to Virtual Events and Building Communities
This week we speak with Yiyi Zhang an event coordinator at Wonderville Bar NYC. We discuss what its like helping run a local bar/arcade. We also discuss building communities in nyc and what it takes to succeed. Things like finding meeting space and corporate sponsors.
Yurk - DJing in Brooklyn and the changing city
In this episode we speak with Yurk music about DJing in Brooklyn, cool anecdotes meeting fellow DJs and how we can continue to rave safely 😭.