Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is LittLive Free?

    Yes! Unlike platforms like the basic LittLive experience will always be free. We plan on adding paid services for businesses to promote directly to users. And we plan on building LittLive Premium that will give users extra features. Stay tuned.

  • Are you on Producthunt?

    Not yet. If you would like to help us reach trending when we launch on Producthunt subscribe to our newsletter.

  • How can you do events during the Cornavirus pandemic?

    We support virtual events, things like zoomparties and webinars. Please follow social distancing guidelines outlined in your area. Once the virus is over we are optimistic about a bright future full of meetups!

  • How do you allow people to meet safely?

    We provide the same features platforms like Instagram provide. You can block and report users that are harassing you. Also you must opt-in before someone can direct message you. LittLive is designed for adults 21+.

    We also implement a reputation system similar to Uber where if people are having bad experiences with you, you are removed.

  • How are you different from Eventbrite?

    Eventbrite has an overwhelming number of events. LittLive is trying to show only a few highly relevant events to you. We provide a communication layer for events on any platform. Check in every day to see new activities.

  • How are you different from Bumble?

    On Bumble BFF you are matched with a person to chat with. On LittLive we invert that and match people that are going to the same event anyway. If you want to chat and meetup great. If not that's cool too!

  • I have a question that is not listed here.

    For all inquiries please mail Or call us on discord.