The ACG (Anime Comics Games) Culture Social Mixer

Ever seen a cool event show up on your social media, but sadly it's not close enough to you?Looking for a local spot to meet with those who enjoy "comic con" style culture as much as you do?

Calling all Cosplayers, Comic Artists, Anime Otakus, Video Gamers, Pop Culture Enthusiasts!
Introducing The ACG (Anime Comics Games) Culture Social Mixer. 

Have nerdy conversations, dress for cosplay success, wear your comic culture swag, mix & mingle with other local artists and creatives.

This event will take place in The Bronx at The Boogiedown Grind Cafe, which aims to highlight local Bronx artists and creatives of ACG Culture in a short themed event.

RSVP here
Cosplay highly encouraged - so dress up or wear your anime gaming comic culture swag! (anything you want except characters with no tops or barefoot)
Network and mingle with other Cosplayers, Anime Otakus, Video Gamers, Comic Artists, etc. - so bring business cards, social media accounts, flyers, etc.
Themed Event: Artist Alley Inspires - A MsConnect Global "We Inspire Series" Spin-off collaboration.


Pictures & Video will be taken at event.

*If interested in sponsoring or collaborating at this event, shoot an email to*

Any other questions, send an email above

Rules & Disclaimer:
- No outside food or drinks at the event
- Cosplay is not Consent
- Collaborative Conscious, MsConnect Global, and the venue is not responsible for lost belongings
*Violators will be subject to removal from event without warning and refund if applicable*

About Collaborative Conscious:
A Modern Day #ittakesavillage
Starting conversations, Making connections, Building collaborations, Creating new ideas, Reshaping our communities

About We Inspire Series:
Every entrepreneur has a story. We Inspire Series creates a platform for entrepreneurs to share theirs. From a dream to the struggles to the rewards.

Sept. 28, 2019, 9 p.m. to Sept. 29, 2019, midnight

Location: 868 Hunts Point Avenue, The Bronx, NY 10474

Hosted by sunmola