1/25 Taco Crawl by East Village, LES

Hey all,

A couple of friends and I are thinking of doing a taco crawl and then finishing off with some margaritas for a late lunch this Saturday. The plan is to start off at Taqueria St. Marks Place ~2pm or so, maybe drop by a couple of other spots, and then head over to San Loco on 111 Stanton for margaritas.

Thinking to eat some delicious tacos, but really just meet some other cool people in NYC.

26/M Grad student if that matters lol.

DM me and I'll make a group chat for everyone if people are interested!


Jan. 25, 2020, 2 p.m. to Jan. 22, 2020, midnight

Location: Taqueria St. Marks Place, Saint Marks Place, New York, NY, USA

Hosted by Litt

This is a private event.