Cooking Class - Ayurveda's Most Healing Food, Kitchari

Heal your digestion! Kitchari, the most digestible food that tastes great based on Ayurvedic medicine. It's fed to those seeking better digestion but is safe enough to feed babies and those who are very unwell. Learn about the herbs and spices used, watch a cooking demo, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Taste all six tastes of Ayurveda and learn how they can help even the most complicated digestive issues. As a former Crohn's patient who lost more than half of their digestive tract to the disease I can speak first-hand on how well kitchari worked to help me balance my system and provided much needed nutrition. Come for an evening of kitchari, tea, knowledge, and socializing with people of like minds. Join me to learn how to make this famous dish and how to incorporate it into your life through the Fall Seasonal Reset. Considering signing up for the reset...this is a must so your kitchari serves as both medicine and tastes amazing!!!

Oct. 29, 2019, 10 p.m. to Oct. 30, 2019, midnight

Location: 66 Chardavoyne Rd, Warwick, NY 10990

Hosted by sunmola