event image El Dia De Los Muertos Experience:  Celebrating and Honoring our Ancestors

El Dia De Los Muertos Experience: Celebrating and Honoring our Ancestors

El Dia De Los Muertos Experience
Celebrating the Return of the Ancestors
An Experiential Evening of Mexican Culture, Tastings and Healing…
Hosted and Curated byDr. Gabrielle Francis and Bob Vetter
A Shapeshifter Production
What is El Día de Los Muertos?El Día De Los Muertos, Day of the Dead, is a Mexican celebration of life and death. The Holiday originated with the Indigenous Mexicans and further evolved with the Spanish influence in Mexican Culture. This is the holy time of the year when the locals Welcome the souls of their ancestors for their annual pilgrimage to earth. Mexicans from all religious and ethnic backgrounds celebrate Muertos, but at its core it is a reaffirmation of Indigenous life and culture.

Event Overview:The Dia De Los Muertos Experience is a Fiesta that will immerse the guests into the rich Culture of Mexico surrounding the Day of the Dead. The Herban Alchemist, Dr. Gabrielle Francis, and Bob Vetter have curated the event with Mexican Artists, Musicians, Dancers, and Healers. We invite you to share in the Interactive Salons that include:
La Cocina: Mexican Foods of Day of the DeadMescal TastingMayan Chocolate CeremonyOfrenda: Altar dedicated to ancestorsEl MercadoFace PaintingCuranderismo: Mexican Healing RitualsAztec Dancers and Drumming
*See below for a detailed explanation of the Talent and Salons.
“After years of travelling to Mexico for Day of the Dead, I was inspired to share the magic with New Yorkers. At this event you will have an adventure, make soulful connections, and experience the culture of Mexico through celebration. My hope is that you will bring some of these rich customs and rituals into your heart and home…”-Dr. Gabrielle Francis
Event Style:Costume Fiesta featuring Interactive Salons
Date and Time:October 19, 20197pm to 10pm
Location:Dr. G’s Crib23 Washington Square NorthNew York, NY 10011Top Floor
Salons Included in the Ticket Price:
La Cocina: Traditional Mexican Foods from Day of the DeadTamales MoleSugar Skulls, and Mexican SweetsAtole, Jamaica, RefrescosMade with love by Mexican Ladies from Queens and the Bronx
Mayan Chocolate CeremonyThe Ancient Mayans revered chocolate and called it “The Food of the Gods”. It was known for its aphrodisiac properties and thought to bring wealth and power to the Mayans. The chocolate was served in bowls and tasted in reverence. Join Jen Hickman and Gabrielle Francis as we share in the chocolate tasting while learning about its history and medicinal benefits.
Curanderismo and Lumpias:Curanderismo is the traditional healing of Mexico and Central America. The Limpia, is a spiritual and emotional cleansing ritual, performed by Curanderos on their clients. Armando and Bob will be offering mini Limpias so that you may have a taste of Mexican Spiritual Healing. And prepare for the Muertos feast.
Altar/Ofrenda MakingIn Mexico, every family constructs an Ofrenda, or Altar, that is dedicated to the deceased ancestors. The entire family joins in the Altar making which begins about 2 weeks before Muertos. The altar has traditional items that are rich with symbolism and all designed to entice the soul on its journey home. The altar also has items that were meaningful to the loved ones that they are dedicated too.Join our Mexican Artists, Gala and Armando, in this altar workshop and learn about the rich symbolism. You are invited to share a photo of your loved ones here. The Mercado will have Altar items available for purchase if you wish to create your own Ofrenda at home.Tips or Donations are Welcomed!
Mescal Tasting“According to the Mythic lore…Long ago in Ancient Mexico, a lightning Boldt struck the heart-or gem-of the Agave Plant, roasting and fermenting its sugars and releasing the plant’s sacred, mystical sap known today as MEZCAL.”-Gem and BoldtOur Mezcal tasting will feature organic Mezcals from Co-Operative in Oaxaca, Mexico. The tasting will offer insight into the celebratory, spiritual and cultural uses of Mezcal in Mexico.
Aztec Dancers: KALPULLI HUEHUETLAHTOLLIJThis Traditional Aztec Dance group preserves Indigenous ways of life that have been passed down from Ancient Mexico. Danza Mexico offers prayers in the form of music and dance…it is a living breathing, cultural tradition infused with artistic expression and spiritual energy. They will give presentation of the dances and a performance for our Fiesta.
Face PaintingThe Skull, or Calavera, is the most recognizable symbol of El Día de los Muertos. The tradition is a mixture of the Spanish Catholic with the Indigenous Mexican practices. Skulls and Skeletons were part of the All Saints Day celebrations of Medieval Europe. For the Aztecs, the skulls were a symbol of death and rebirth. Death was seen as a positive step towards higher consciousness. Join our Face Painters in El Mercado and learn about the traditions of the Calavera masks and Muertos Costumes.Tips are Welcomed!
El Mercado: La Sirena Pop Up StoreLa Sirena is a Mexican folk-art shop in the East Village, NYC.We are celebrating 20 years of representing and helping support artisans from many regions of Mexico. La Sirena will be selling handicrafts and items for Muertos at our eventCome by and visit out evolving assemblage, living altar of Mexican folk art and more!La Sirena27 East 3 Street, NYC 10003 212-780-9113Mention HERBAN ALCHEMIST and receive 10% off our fabulous traditional clothing, pottery, folk art and more now through 10/19/19!


Oct. 19, 2019, 11 p.m. to Oct. 20, 2019, 2 a.m.

Location: (address provided after purchase of tickets), New York, NY 10011

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